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Because seriously, what the fuck you guys.

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What is “the ratio”?

The ratio is the current price of ETH divided by the price of BTC and is used as a method of comparison between the value of both coins.

If the price of ETH was equal to the price of BTC then the ratio would be 1.0.

Similarly if the price of ETH was half that of BTC then the ratio would be 0.5 etc., etc.

What‘s up with the dolphin emoji on the ratio meter?

The dolphin references “The Flippening” (where the total market cap of Ethereum is greater than that of Bitcoin). Currently that target is 0 and reaching that ratio would indicate that the market sees both networks as being equal in value.

Why do you say “we should at least be here” at 0.75 on the ratio meter?

Because that is half way to "The Flippening". Another way to view the 0.75 target is to frame it as a question in plain English:

“is the Ethereum network - with everything it can do and everything that’s running on top of it - worth at least half as much as the Bitcoin network?”

For me that answer is an obvious “yes”. That means if BTC is priced correctly then anything less than 0.75 on the ratio is a strong signal that Ethereum is currently undervalued.

Memorial to the Fallen Maxi

“Muh flippening. The markets have proven you smug methheads wrong year over year. BTC is king. Eth will never be a store of value, (there's 20% more of it now since 2017), and the utility is dogshit--pay $20 to send your money or gamble on shitcoins.”

Reddit Troll - Jan 2nd, 2021
at 0.0231 ratio resulting in
the inspiration to create this site.